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Benefits Of Having Your Car Cleaned

Mobile Works Auto Detailing is voted Best Mobile Auto & Boat Cleaning Service in Lexington, Columbia, Chapin, Elgin, South Carolina!!

  • Sparkling looks of your vehicle increases its resale value
  • Prevents rust
  • Extends the lifespan of the vehicle
  • Long term protection against contaminants
  • Prevents any paint formalities
  • Removes interior stains before permanent
  • Prevents brake dust staining
  • Removes water spots
  • Engine Bay Detailing allows the engine to run cooler
  • Improves safety with headlight restoration
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs
  • Prevents corrosion of the body
  • Enhances + driver attitude

Spring Auto Detailing

As spring time starts coming temperature starts rising. Making it the perfect time to provide protection to your car. The reason why it is important to refresh your car's protection in spring is due to winter the salt used on roads in snowstorms can be very damaging to your car and will damage your wax. If it is not treated and that salt stays on the car for a long time it will remove all the protection of your wax and will surely damage your car's paint. This will result it in your car becoming dirty sooner and might need a full paint job sooner than you think. So after winter there is a high probability that your wax is not in good condition and needs to be refreshed. So you should get your car waxed again and before waxing clay barring treatment will be a plus.
Summer Auto Detailing

Summer comes with a higher temperature and damage Sun's UV rays. So it is very important to get your car ready for all the damages with a coating of wax protection. The Sun's harsh UV rays can fade the color of your car and if you have a red car, then waxing becomes compulsory as it is more prone to being oxidized. Mobile Works Auto Detailing in Lexington SC also recommends using wax or applying paint sealant to all exterior windows this will make it safer and easier to drive in the rain. When it comes to interior detailing, you can use UV protective products to dress interior in order to stop fading and cracking.

Fall Auto Detailing

As winter is the most damaging season for car detailing, you can use the time in Fall to gain extra protection against it. During Fall, the temperature is quite moderate, so you should use that time to add extra protection to the exterior of your car. As the first snowfall occurs, you should have enough protection to protect from damaging effects of road salt. You can use durable waxes during this time and use multiple coats for maximum protection.


Winter Auto Detailing

During winter you job is to protect your car as much as possible. As you already have protection from wax which you applied in the Fall, you can clean your vehicle as frequent as possible to avoid any build-up of road salt. The longer you will let the road salt stays on your car's surface the more time it will have to damage your car's wax protection. Also avoid direct contact with your paint during the winter, which means never use a snow scraper or brush to remove snow this will damage too much damage your car's paint and there will be scratches and swirls all over. To remove snow, you can use hot water or any other safe heating element.






 ​When it comes to Car Detailing there are many things which  people just spread that might seem good but are actually very harmful to your car. You need to be aware of all the issues related to Car Detailing in order to make sure you don't

damage your car by following someone's tips

  • Many people say it is safe to use dishwashing detergent to wash with. The problem is dishwashing detergents are made for cleaning your dishes  not your for your Auto Detailing it will strip off all the polymers from the paint that will make it dull and protection off and show the truth condition of the paint with heavy swirling or scratches!! 

  • Shiny might be nice, but only to your eyes. Your eyes can't see properly what is going on in paint finishes. You should rub the back side of Your hand because the front side got oil glands in the palm of your hands and it will feel rough to the touch!! If you want experiment just feel it with your backside of hands after a good wash and then feel it after some time, there will be a huge difference that is contaminants on top of your clear coat that is affecting the hydrophobic effect to your clear coat. 


  • Waxing is not enough to get rid of swirl marks it depends on how deep the swirls and scratch are to buff out it. Minor scratches can easily be fixed with just the use of paint compounds and a 3 step paint correction gets most of the scratches out and swirls but it's not guaranteed summer too deep to buff out you have to have them filled in or touched up by auto body paint shop.


  • Both polishing and waxing have different roles. Waxing will protect your paint and coat it with silicone, polymers and resins. However, polishing will provide a high gloss surface for better look to your car.

  •  Resale package you get 10% more value out of the Car, Truck, SUV, RV, Boat gets better value when it's cleaned and ready to go boost your value

  • Yes, waxing does protect your car's surface, but still it needs to be protected from other damages like tree sap, brake dust, tar, bug splatters, road paint. If not removed can be hard to get off after a long period of time it's better to take care of it sooner than later. 

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